Unicorn Hunter – Sour Edi-Bears – 160mg/8 Candies


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Unicorn Hunter brings you gummies! Your favorite candies with a kick! Every candy is dosed with 20 mg of flavorless THC distillate.

8 gummies, 20 mg each, 160mg per pack


  1. Isaac H. (verified owner)

    These taste great just like regular candy but that may be because they just are regular candy. I ate 40 mg and didn’t feel a thing after 4 hrs the night prior I ate 40 mg of the dames cola bottles and felt fine how it’s supposed to be. I don’t know why or what is wrong with them but I would definitely avoid the sour edi bears . I wouldn’t hesitate to order edibles from cannakiss in general tho don’t let this spook you I’ve ordered plenty before and always had a positive outcome this review is only for the edi sour bears specifically

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