Tom Ford Pink Kush – Indica/Smalls (28g)


90% Indica dominant

THC: 25%

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Get ready to experience something else entirely. Tom Ford Pink Kush, also known by a slew of names like Island Pink, Super Pink, or TFPK, is a rare indica-dominant hybrid. Its origins are shrouded in mystery. Very few people know exactly what two plants were crossed to make this pink wonder – and anyone who does isn’t talking.

What we can ascertain about this strain is its insane THC concentration. It regularly reaches 23-25 percent, although some smokers have reported that their particular batches reach 35 percent THC and above. Its potency isn’t the only thing Tom For Pink Kush has going for it, though. It also features an unbelievable taste, an amalgamation of so many flavours that it’s hard to pick out individual facets. Don’t miss your chance to experience this rare strain – you may not find it again.

The first time you smell Tom Ford Pink Kush, you may not even realize it’s weed. It combines citrus, herbal sour, and sweet aromas with the unmistakable earthy smell of Kush strains. It’s a complex flavour profile, featuring several different (and sometimes diametrically-opposed) tastes. However, Tom Ford Pink Kush makes it work, combining these facets into a unique, winning smell.

Visually, Tom Ford Pink Kush might be one of the most appealing strains we’ve ever seen. Myriad hues, including pink, red, purple, blue, and green adorn this strain’s buds, a far cry from the normal forest green that many strains settle for. A protective screen of trichome crystals covers the plants, readily adhering to fingers or anything else it contacts.

Considering how high its THC concentration is, it’s no surprise that Tom Ford Pink Kush boasts a powerful high that emphasizes both indica and sativa effects. Smokers report that it makes them feel euphoric and happy. However, it’s not overstimulating, and some smokers may even smoke themselves to sleep if they’re not careful. Medical patients will be pleased to know that users report it may relieve chronic pain and inflammation, anxiety, insomnia, and more.


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