Spins: Party Mix THC Gummies


300mg: 15pcs x 20mg /ea
600mg: 15pcs x 40mg /ea

Flavours included: Blue raspberry / Watermelon / Green apple / Strawberry


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SPINS THC Party Mix Gummies offer 300mg or 600mg THC per package rich in fruity flavours of green apple, watermelon, strawberry, and grape. Made in Vancouver, BC, these THC-infused cannabis edibles offer a precise micro-dosing experience as each gummy contains 20mg or 40mg THC. With these candies, you can experience consistency in effects and potency each time you micro-dose.

Depending on your tolerance levels, the strength of these gummies may feel low or closer to moderate. Its euphoric and creativity-inducing cerebral high may offer the right amount of boost for your mood to go about your day and tackle your tasks with more enjoyment and ease.

Uplifting Effects

SPINS THC Party Mix Gummies offers 15 delicious fruit-flavoured edibles in each packaging carrying a variety of benefits. Generally, these edibles offer a sense of motivation, well-being, and positivity. Its energizing cerebral high may make way for mental clarity, focus, and creativity coupled with euphoric relaxation and calmness.

Anxiety and Stress. Thanks to its uplifting and relaxing effects, these THC gummies may soothe symptoms of anxiety and stress allowing you to feel more at ease and euphoric.

Lack of Appetite. THC is known to help with cases of nausea while increasing one’s appetite levels.

Cramps and Aches. The relaxing and pain-alleviating properties of these gummies may help ease physical aches, such as cramps and mild pains.

Mental Focus. THC Party Mix Gummies may provide you with a cerebral high that offers focus and creativity to increase mental productivity and clarity.

Suggested Use

When it comes to marijuana edibles, there isn’t a strict formula relating to dosing that every individual should follow, but there are safety recommendations to be practiced. One THC Party Mix Gummy contains 20mg or 40mg THC. This may deliver small potency to some users while more potent ones for others, depending on each individual’s tolerance levels and other factors, such as whether or not you have eaten beforehand.

The golden rule of thumb is to always start with the smallest dose possible, especially if you are new and unfamiliar with your tolerance levels. In this case, you may start with 20mg which is one gummy, or you can consider half of a gummy. Effects can take anywhere from 15 minutes to two hours to kick in. Be patient and wait out the two hours from your first dose before you consider a second dose.


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