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Sour Tangie Sauce is derived from an 80/20 Sativa dominant combination of robust East Coast Sour Diesel and multi-award-winning Tangie. On inhale, this extract provides dynamic citrusy notes of a fusion of lime peels and clementine. A slight hint of peppery diesel interweaves within the tart and tangy notes. Sour Tangie Sauce provides a strikingly energetic cerebral high, with its users feeling a sense of euphoria on the first hit. The creative energy this extract provides is significant, making it excellent for tackling creative burnouts.

Best Use
Sour Tangie Sauce provides a euphoric high that shifts to a creative burst of energy. This extract also aids in social interaction, providing limitless happiness and confidence to its user. Lethargic users will also benefit as it provides an invigorating experience. Sour Tangie Sauce is known to assist with anxiety and depression due to its high THC content which activates the CB1 receptor. The high THC content also helps with pain management such as headaches and joint pain, as it triggers pain receptors.

On inhale, Sour Tangie Sauce is reminiscent of a complex earthy essence combined with juicy clementines. On exhale, the taste of fiery diesel contributes to a tart, puckering burst of flavour.

The effects of Sour Tangie Sauce are substantial, as the strain it’s derived from it contains 21-25% THC in comparison to an average sativa strain of 13.5%. For novice users, be wary as its effects are impressively vigorous.

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