Skookum: Lilac Cookies (14g)


THC: 25% | CBG: 2%
14 grams

Aroma: Floral, Sweet, Citrus
Effects: Cerebral, Euphoric, Soothing
Grower: Dune Crew

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Fresh out the garden, hot ‘n’ ready – Skookum’s back with another tasty lil biscuit to sink your teeth into. A whirlwind of syrupy floral funk brought to you live and direct from the one and only Dune Crew. Frilly in name but fierce by nature – this vibrant cross of Lilac Diesel x Forum Cut Cookies is an absolute knockout in aroma and effects. Go for it. This one’s well worth getting caught with your hand in the cookie jar.

We’ve got some beautifully grown cannabis right here. However you wanna say it, this nine-week cropper is unequivocally dialled-in, legitimately on point – locked, and straight-up loaded with juicy trichomes. Nugs range from mid to thumb-sized and are on the denser side of the sativa spectrum. Cold-cured to perfection. Rolls up with zero resistance.

Whoa! This stuff smells incredible. A potent nose-blast of flower power that’ll clear your sinuses right out. Leans heavily on the lilac side, with soft hints of creaminess from the cookie lineage. Inhale deeper as undercurrents of tropical sweetness, citrus zest and eucalyptus round out the experience. The flavour shines through impressively in both joint and vape alike. Burns to clean light-grey ash.

Step to these cookies and flat-out get your bell rung. A first-rate cerebral clang that’ll put you in a higher state of vibration. Tons of feel-good euphoria upfront, accompanied by palpable waves of soothing energy. The stone is highly functional, making this cultivar a phenomenal choice for daytime dealings and late-afternoon pick-me-ups. Minimal burnout and mildly appetite suppressing. Snag a tin of this flower-forward fire today.


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