Skookum: Gummy GSC (14g)


Sativa Dominant Hybrid
THC: 20% | CBD: 1.1%
14 grams

Effects: Balanced, Relaxing, Cerebral
Medical Uses: Chronic Pain, Stress, Depression


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Gummy GSC is a sativa-dominant hybrid coming from two mouthwatering buds in Gummy Bears and Girl Scout Cookies. Delicious flavours of lemon, sweet red fruit, earthiness, and fuel explode out, with notes of cookies and cream present. These buds are incredibly attractive to match their terrific flavour profile with a long, angular shape, many bright orange trichomes, and a full coating of splendid, sparkling trichomes. When consumed, this beautiful bud delivers initial waves of happiness, euphoria, energy, and focus, followed by a calm and relaxed body stone to finish. With these tremendous effects, Gummy GSC would be recommended to use for depression, chronic stress, and anxiety.


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