Skookum: Greasy Runtz (14g)


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Dank, sticky, and downright greazy – this is a can’t miss cultivar for all you gas heads out there. Bred by Exotic Genetics, this highly resinous cross of Grease Monkey x Runtz exhibits world-class trichome coverage and a nose-piercing terpene profile.

This seductive living soil specimen comes to us from the sinfully skilled Medusa. An absolute tenner, with arresting hues of amethyst and unctuous layers of resin, it’s the very definition of eye candy. After much toil and trouble, we’re beyond excited to introduce Greasy Runtz to our Skookum fam.

Sweet baby greazus – this stuff stinks! Expect a heady melange of fuel, cocoa, wafer and cooling eucalyptus. Run it through the grinder while subtle notes of grape, lacquer and fresh cut grass emerge. Massively flavourful, and insanely smooth thanks to a two-week cold cure. Burns to fluffy light-grey ash.

Puff on some of these Greasy Runtz and find yourself floating in a state of blissful contentment. Seriously potent and supremely relaxing, this cultivar is best suited for nightcaps and those of the nocturnal persuasion. Expect an enduring stone and a solid case of the munchies. Nab a tin today, and may you rest in grease.


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