Skookum: Grease Mint (14g)


THC: 27.5%
14 grams

Aroma: Cream, Chem, Mint, Herbal
Effects: Heavy, Relaxing, Euphoric

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Here’s one for the OG’s that took their first sips of Skookum through our infamous Grease Monkey and Mint Chocolate Chip phenos. A deadly mashup of Grease Monkey x Cream D’ Mint (Cookies & Cream x Mint Chocolate Chip) that more than does justice to its legendary bloodline. Rich. Robust. Endlessly satisfying to smoke. Let’s go.

Another round of straight fire from the mighty Dune Crew. Just look at this stuff, it’s insane. Trichomes so juicy you can spot ’em with the naked eye. One hundred percent LSO, grown in harmony with a thriving cover crop of supporting plant life. Buds are chunky, nicely dense and sticky-icky on the breakdown.

So this is what nostalgia smells like. Buttery smooth top notes coming from the Cookies & Cream lineage with huge waves of sweet petrochem from the Grease Monkey side. But hold up, we ain’t done yet. Inhale deeper and let that Mint Chocolate magic work wonders throughout your olfactory. Intensely flavourful from the first puff until the last pull. Burns to clean grey ash.

Ah, yes. This is that mellow, drippy stone for which you’ve been longing. Potent, long-lasting and profoundly decompressing. Find yourself in a state of blissful contentment, greased up and completely glued down to the furniture. Not a go-getter. Not functional. More of a wake up after a three-hour nap wondering where the hell the evening went type of strain. Come get a scoop of this greasy goodness. You’ll be glad you did.


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