Skookum: Death Bubba (14g)


THC: 26% | CBN: 3%
14 grams

Aroma: Fuel, Earth, Dank
Effects: Euphoric, Heavy, Relaxing

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It’s said that it is best to burn out, rather than fade away. But why limit yourself? Smoke a fat cannon of this stuff and do both at the same time! We’re absolutely delighted to bring you this pristine cut of the quintessential Death Bubba. A dank and fuel-forward cross of Death Star x Bubba Kush that reeks the way an OG strain should. They’ll be smelling this one from a block away, no doubt.

While kush genetics are notoriously temperamental in the humid conditions of Canada’s West Coast, this skillfully grown specimen from the LSO Crew is decidedly dialled-in. Buds are dense, chunky and cold-cured to perfection. Excellent trichome coverage and nicely tacky on the breakdown.

The nose is precisely what you’d expect for a greased-up strain of this magnitude. Gas for days. Earthiness by the dump truck. Seriously dank, chemy goodness with undercurrents of anise and turpentine. Smells like it’ll mess you up. Tremendous flavour all the way down to the last puff. Burns to pillowy near-white ash.

Say hello to the afterlife. Too much of this stuff and it’s lights-out, folks. Classic couchlock effects and a radiant full-bodied buzz combine to make this strain a real standout. The stone is gooey, heavy and endlessly relaxing. Likely to find yourself reaching for this one often. Don’t just take our word for it. Snag a tin and see for yourself.


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