Skookum: Cherry Reserve (14g)


THC: 26% | CBN: 2%
14 grams

Aroma: Sour Fruit, Chem, Creamy
Effects: Balanced, Soothing, Happy

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From our private stash to yours, we’re stoked to serve up this dank, sour, and thoroughly pleasurable selection. A rare cross of Cherry Pie x Black Lime Reserve, lauded for its unorthodox terpene profile and buttery smooth effects.

Coming to us from the mighty Dune Crew, this stunning cultivar is a feast for the eyes. Its deep violet hues and bronze accents are beset by a world-class dusting of pristine resin glands. Expertly trimmed before undergoing an extended cold cure in massive glass jars to enhance smoothness and aroma. Buds are chunky, of medium density and slightly tacky when pulled apart.

Tap into a cask of this stuff and breathe in all the complexities of a high-calibre glass of vino. Pronounced top notes of sour fruit, chem and citrus, paired nicely with a creamy herbal finish. Cherry Reserve gives rise to robust and flavourful smoke, primarily herbal with delicate sour undertones. Burns to soft grey ash.

Hybrid lovers rejoice, this supremely well-balanced strain has got your name all over it. A warm blanket of peace and contentment that’s neither upbeat nor drowsy. Some Goldilocks-type cannabis that’s hits just right. Solid endurance with minimal burnout. Like all good things in reserve, when they’re gone – they’re gone. Grab yours today.


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