Royalty Rosin: THC Chocolate Bars (480mg)

480mg THC Total | 20mg x 24 Pieces Each

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If there’s one thing in the world better than rosin, it might be be chocolate.  If there’s one thing in the world better than chocolate…it’s definitely rosin.

With our our signature gold-wrapped chocolate rosin bars, you will never have to choose a favorite.  A match made in edible heaven, our fullest flavored rosin blend is the perfect accompaniment to our truly gourmet chocolate bar selections.

All of our carefully and lovingly prepared recipes are the result of enough extensive taste testing to put a hundred elephants to sleep. The result? Chocolatey perfection.

Flavours Include: Almond Cherry | Classic Dark | Classic Milk | Mango Peach | Pineapple Coconut | Wild Blueberry | Banana Split | Midnight Mint | Cookies & Cream | S’mores | Jesus Pieces | Caramel Espresso 


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