Refined Delta 9 Pure Distillate Syringe – 98% 1ml (Raw)


Delta 9 Distillate will keep you relaxed when you’re stressed out and help you with some sleep when faced with insomnia. Fill your vape, dab off the glass syringe, put it on your joints or bowls, or even eat it!  Special high grade THC distillate with high THC content!

  • Glass syringe pre-filled with one gram
  • Disposable (Can be dabbed directly from the glass tip)
  • 100% Solvent-free distillate
  • Lab tested
  • 98% Cannabinoids / 93.85% THC

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Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the primary psychoactive component present in marijuana, along with Delta-8-THC.

This 93.85% THC distillate contains only Delta-9-THC, ensuring that you will receive a potent experience.

1ml syringe