Nectar: Natural Mystic Mushroom Capsules

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Natural Mystic Mushroom Capsules

Natural Mystic Mushroom Capsules are carefully curated with loving intention.  We provide two strengths of capsules. Our 1/8 gram capsule contains 125mg of Psilocybin.  This is an ideal strength for someone interested in following a microdose schedule. Our ¼ gram capsules contain 250mg of Psilocybin.  This is a perfect dose for someone looking to microdose with a more strongly felt effect. Both strengths contain 4 purposefully selected superfoods to support and elevate your experience.

*Mucuna is a South American superfood and natural dopamine producer.  A great addition to anyone micro dosing mushrooms to treat depression or anxiety.

*Lions Mane mushrooms help to nourish the brain and has been shown to stimulate new brain cell growth.

*Ginger acts to soothe the stomach as well as acting as a vehicle for the other medicine, helping to drive it further into the cell walls.

*Cordycep mushrooms are an all-around immune boosting panacea, providing overall support and nourishment to the body for your journey.

Each capsule is the same weight, meaning the 1/8g Capsules have more of each superfood than the 1/4g capsules.

Some possible benefits of microdosing mushrooms can include reduced anxiety, improved focus, improved optimism and increased creativity.

Suggested dosage: We recommend a therapeutic micro dose schedule of one day on, two days off.   Take one to two capsules in social situations or for a happy glow during your day. Effects can be expected to last approx. three hours.  To go deeper into the mushroom wisdom experience, take 4-8 capsules.

Ingredients: Psilocybin, Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, Ginger, Mucuna

*Natura Mystic Capsules are vegan, soy and nut-free


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