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Did you know that dolphins can travel up to 128km in one day? The mail can go a lot quicker than that, and Mammal can ship Canadian CBD directly to your door! Founded in the belief that quality Canadian CBD should be available to every mammal, it is Mammals opinion that the anti-inflammatory, anti-convulsive, anti-anxiety effects of CBD should be available to everyone. Mammal believes that if it isn’t good enough for you or me, it’s not good enough for your beloved animals. As such, Mammal caters to any and all mammals! Do you need some CBD for your dog? How about your cat? Horse? Pangolin? Panda? Has your echidna, Bertie, seemed stressed recently? Then a good dose of Mammal may be the answer to all of your prayers! From Aardvark to Zebra, Mammal has got you covered.

The CBD Drops is a brand new product crafted specifically to enhance the lives of our pets! Cats, dogs, hamsters, gerbils, you name it; the CBD Drops is suitable for all mammalian friends! The CBD Drops are great for use at any time of the day. CBD Drops are a 100% CBD product that contains absolutely no traces of THC – this means that your pet will receive the relaxing and luxurious bodily effects of CBD with no psychoactive effects!

CBD Drops can be consumed in various ways. The CBD Drops can be placed gently under your pet’s tongue or dropped onto your pet’s food or drink prior to consumption. For best results, we suggest putting a few drops of the CBD Drops on your pets’ food at mealtime!

CBD Drops maintain a fairly subtle aroma with delicate coconut scents. We recommend pairing CBD Drops with any of your pet’s favourite foods. As the flavour is extremely light, the CBD Drops will adopt the flavours of the food with ease and pets will not realize the boost of health that has been added to their meal!

Benefits and Effects
The benefits of the CBD Drops are endless! From preventing to protecting, to healing your pet, CBD has crazy properties that cannot be received from anything else. CBD Drops contain CBD and zero THC which means that there will be no psychoactive effects. After consumption of CBD Drops any bodily aches and pains, your pet may have felt will quickly melt away.

The medical benefits of the CBD Drops include momentary relief of any pet anxiety, stress, headaches, chronic pain and much more! When taken daily, CBD can be an efficient immune system booster for your pet. The benefits of CBD are numerous and diverse. Whether looking for a great everyday supplement to enhance the quality of life, a supplement to help combat high levels of anxiety, or a supplement to relieve absolutely any type of bodily pain, the CBD Drops is the perfect product!

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