Hush: Triceratops (AAAA)

Indica Hybrid

THC 24%

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Triceratops is a rare and mysterious strain of unknown origin. The nose has a delightful sweet orange scent, while the dry toke is light, citrusy, and piney. The smoke is smooth with the same orange flavours coming through with just a touch of cheese notes on the finish. The buds are dense with a neat trim job displaying a thick coat of crystal and shades of deep purple throughout. The ash on this batch comes out light grey and holds it shape well. It seems this strain is more Indica-leaning; the high builds with consumption, is extremely relaxing, and will induce hunger. Best to have snacks handy when smoking Triceratops. Check out other AAAA strains.

Use: Daytime or Nighttime

Lineage: Unknown x Unknown


Citrus, Sweet, Pine


Relaxing, Hungry, Euphoric

Helps with Anxiety, Appetite Loss, Stress.

Flower Grade

AAAAOur top-shelf flower scoring exceptional for potency, terpenes profile, bud size, density, trim, smoothness, as well as ash colour and consistency. We carefully examine and test the product in this category to ensure it meets strict standards of excellence.



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