Hush: The Zhit (AA)


THC 21%

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The Zhit will mellow you out after a long high-strung day. The onset of the high induces focus, then after some time, eases you into a super chill state without sedation. You’ll feel euphoric and outgoing as your mind is freed from the shackles of any negative or racing thoughts. The Zhit has a sweet citrus flavour with a touch of spicy sage and diesel.  Check out our other Hybrid AAs.

Use: Daytime or Nighttime

Lineage: S.A.G.E x Gorilla Grape


Citrus, Herbal, Diesel


Focused, Creative, Relaxing

Helps with Pain, Anxiety, Migraines.

Flower Grade

AAOur AA category is our entry level flower grade. It’s perfect for the budget conscious consumer. The flower graded in this category may contain smaller buds, be less smooth and possess a looser trim. That being said, we have standards and our AA flower (albeit not perfect) is still tasty and will get you high.


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