Hush: The Biz Organic LSO (AAAA)

Indica Hybrid

THC 23%

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The Biz Organic LSO displays the richest dark purple tones underneath a thick coating of crystal trichomes. The buds are medium sized and dense with a tidy trim job, so you can take in all that beautiful colouring. The terpenes are sweet and fruity with a slight gas finish. The smoke is smooth and leaves behind a light grey gash. The effects start off as a cerebral rush with a boost of focus and productivity. Eventually this gives way to a more euphoric and relaxing body stone. This batch is above average potency making it a great smoke for high tolerance consumers. Explore other LSO strains.

Use: Daytime or Nighttime

Lineage: Unknown

Living Soil Organic (LSO):

– Using organic soil & compost teas.
– Small Scale Farming.
– No man-made chemicals or additives.
– High quality, better terpenes and flavour.


Sweet, Fruity, Gas


Cerebral, Focused, Euphoric

Helps with Stress, Depression, and Anxiety.

Flower Grade

AAAAOur top-shelf flower scoring exceptional for potency, terpenes profile, bud size, density, trim, smoothness, as well as ash colour and consistency. We carefully examine and test the product in this category to ensure it meets strict standards of excellence.



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