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THC 25%

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Tang Breath is the perfect smoke for those who need a little creative boost combined with euphoria. This insanely beautiful weed displays a neat trim job revealing a thick coating of crystal trichomes. The mint green buds are accented with some purple undertones and a moderate amount of long orange hairs. The nugs are dense and possess a strong terpenes profile of spicy citrus and pine. These notes follow through in the flavour.

The smoke is smooth, producing a light grey, medium fine, ash. The effects of Tang Breath take a bit to come on; it’s a creeper.  Expect above average potency with a high that starts as an uplifting and euphoric lift that soon spreads into the your limbs creating a heavy relaxed sensation. This is a great strain for winding down at the end of the day. Discover more Hybrid  AAAAs.

Use: Nighttime

Lineage: Tropicana X Mendo Breath


Pepper, Citrus, Pine


Relaxed, Euphoric, Creative

Helps with Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia.

Flower Grade

AAAAOur top-shelf flower scoring exceptional for potency, terpenes profile, bud size, density, trim, smoothness, as well as ash colour and consistency. We carefully examine and test the product in this category to ensure it meets strict standards of excellence.


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