Hush: Rockstar Tuna (AAAA)

Indica Hybrid

THC 26%

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Rockstar Tuna (bulk) is rising in popularity with its potent effects and pungent aroma. Produced with exceptional attention to detail, this batch was shown a lot of love and the results are tremendous. The neat trim job reveals extremely dense medium sized buds caked in milky crystal trichomes. The aroma is earthy and fresh, like the green growth on a carrot with a slight woody undertone. The dry toke is sweet, spicy and herbal and this follows through when lit.

These buds grind up nice and fluffy creating the perfect texture for rolling. Rockstar Tuna burns consistently producing a fine grey/white ash. The smoke is smooth and the high is immediate. Expect an initial cerebral rush mixed with maximum euphoria that progresses into a powerful body high grounded in relaxation. Recommended for high tolerance consumers who are seeking relief from chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, stress and appetite loss. We give this batch a 10/10!

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Use: Nighttime

Lineage: Tuna Kush x Rockstar


Fresh, Spicy, Herbal


Relaxed, Euphoric, Hungry

Helps with Appetite Loss, Chronic Pain, Anxiety.

Flower Grade

AAAAOur top-shelf flower scoring exceptional for potency, terpenes profile, bud size, density, trim, smoothness, as well as ash colour and consistency. We carefully examine and test the product in this category to ensure it meets strict standards of excellence.



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