Good Times: Kief (1g)

1 x 1g Kief

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Good Times Cannabis Co. – Kief

A potent, hashy, dry sift kief. Perfect for when you want to bump up the potency of your smoke. Mix it with your flower and roll it up into a joint that will seemingly burn forever, or use it as a topper for your bowls.

For all the solventless extract lovers and the old-school heads!

Good Times Cannabis is all about curating the best genetics at the best price. We put the user experience first, and remove the purchasing risk through our extensive curation process:

1) Grow and produce with vetted master growers with unique genetics.
2) Test every batch to ensure quality is a guarantee to you, the end user.
3) Provide a detailed and accurate description of the product produced for the consumer.
4) Take every bit of criticism and feedback to the master grower, and start the process again!

To sum it up, we just want you to have a good time. So come roll into Good Times with us!


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