Critical Mass 2:1 CBD:THC/CBN – AAA

CBD: 11-14%  CBN: 4.1%

THC: 7-9%

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CBD Critical Mass is a cross between two legendary parent strains, the vintage Afghani Indica strain crossed with the equally popular Skunk #1. The offspring of these all-time favorites is Critical Mass, a strain that inherited all the best qualities of its parent strains. This strain is an Indica dominant (80% Indica/20% Sativa) with a 2:1 CBD:THC ratio. CBD Critical Mass is known for its powerful relaxing effects. It is highly popular among new and experienced users alike. It provides a smooth, aromatic and flavorful smoke and, at the same time, provides numerous therapeutic benefits. This strain has pungent and earthy aromas with robust hints of citrus and sweet honey. It tastes just as divine with its skunky, sweet taste and undertones of honey and citrus. Being an Indica-dominant strain, CBD Critical Mass’ effects are mostly physical. You will first feel a potent relaxing effect that will spread from your core to your limbs. It will make you feel sleepy, sedated, and lazy. However, this effect won’t alter your mental clarity. In fact, you will feel your focus, creativity, and concentration improving as your mind starts to rid itself of worries and stress. The relaxing effect continues all throughout the high as your mood starts improving. You will feel your mood improve, leaving you happier and euphoric albeit a little lazy and sleepy. You will also feel all your body aches and pain gently fall away, leaving you pain-free, calm, and soothed.